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These are a few of the popular scuba dive lakes in Northwestern Wisconsin. If you have an interest in another lake and would like more information about it, visit the Wisconsin DNR Lake Maps website. This will get you into a Wisconsin county listing of lakes and give you a bottom structure map to look at.

Always remember to display and obey the dive flag and the rules that govern the use of it. If you are not sure, ask someone!

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Dive Sites

Northwestern Wisconsin

Once you are under way with diver certification and have your gear, you may be looking for a place to get wet. You may have a Wisconsin dive site in mind that you heard about and you can't wait to get there and explore it. If you are still not sure where to go, then I suggest coming along on one of our daily or weekend scuba dive runs to some of these fun dive locations that are close to home. We do offer transportation as a group when we go to these dive areas so you won't miss out on the fun. What a great way to add another page in your logbook for dive experience.

Lower long Lake, Chippewa County

This is a popular diving lake that can be enjoyed by both shore divers and those who have a boat. A county park for camping and a boat ramp will provide a weekend dive vacation for anyone. The lake has a large surface area of 1052 acres.

Maximum depth is 101 feet. Numerous rock and gravel points and islands plus areas of fish habitat, mostly fish cribs with some natural shelter areas, provide plenty of dive sites to explore. Most varieties of fresh water fish are abundant in this lake. Visibility varies with the season ranging from 8 feet in mid summer to 25 feet in early and late season. This is a popular lake for ice diving with visibility from 30 to 50 feet.

Silver Lake, Barron County

This lake is located between Rice Lake and Cumberland in Barron County. The lake is only 337 acres in size but has a sand and gravel bottom structure. Some areas have large stones and some boulders.

Residents on the lake have constructed fish crib structures and located them in various areas of the lake. The lake has a depth of 91 feet, and with this type of depth and bottom it seemed ideal for trout habitat. Some trout have been stocked and seem to be doing well. There is a healthy population of Bass, both large and small mouth variety. Pan fish and other species of game fish are seen as well. Visibility varies from 6 to 16 feet.

There is a county park with a boat launch, a marked swimming beach, and a changing shelter in the park area, but no camping is allowed. There is a private campground a short distance away but still somewhat on the water.

Big Round Lake, Sawyer County

Located about 7 miles east of Hayward Wisconsin is this large 3054-acre clear lake. It has a maximum depth of 74 feet with the majority of the water in the 15 to 45 foot depth range. Thermocline on this lake reaches 38 to 45 feet deep in middle summer due to its large surface area.

Visibility ranges from 15 to 45 feet depending on the season and weather conditions. There are three public boat landings and one beach area on the lake. These are the only access areas unless you know someone that lives on the lake. One of the landings has bathroom facilities, but the other two are just boat launch facilities.

Lake Owen, Bayfield County

Located just east of highway 63 between Cable and Drummond Wisconsin lays one of the clearest bodies of water in the state. Its steep banks with rock, gravel, and boulder covered bottom are typical of the northern lakes that were created by the glaciers. With 27 miles of shore line and 1323 acres of water make for an ideal diving lake. It has a maximum depth of 96 feet with the average diving depth between 20 and 45 feet. Water clarity varies from 20 to 45 feet with the season.

There is one public boat launch site and one public swimming beach area. Both of these areas have bathroom facilities. There is also a National park campground on the northeast corner of the lake with campsites, beaches, and a boat launch. Renting a pontoon from one of the resorts will get you better access to the dive sites around the water. There is a lot of private land and some federal land around the lake so getting on the water is limited.

Lake Wazee, Jackson County

This man-made lake started as an open pit taconite mine. When the quality and quantity of the ore were reduced to a level that proved non-profitable, mining operations were stopped. The equipment was removed and the hole was allowed to fill up with water. The lake structure is steep granite banks with a spiral roadway leading to the bottom.

Because of the great depth of this lake, 365 feet, the county asks that all divers stay at or above the recreational dive depth of 130 feet and would like to see everyone above 100 feet. Water clarity again varies with the season but is generally in the 20 to 45 foot range. Water temperature is mild at the surface but can get bone chilling COLD below the thermocline. There are three dive areas with bathroom facilities. NO motorboat traffic is allowed on this lake. You must either paddle or swim, so diving from one of the three dive locations is the best choice.