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About Inland Diver's Supply

Right on the boundary between the Great Lakes Area and the Western Plains States is an area in northwestern Wisconsin known as the Indian Head Region. From the first settlers that moved through this area, to the loggers and then railroad and industry, the path to follow into this beautiful part of the nation started in Chippewa Falls. As you travel the trail northward to the shores of Lake Superior you will pass through areas of tall pines and many clear water lakes.

Hi, I am Russ at Inland Diver's Supply LLC located in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin. Thank you for visiting our website. I grew up in this beautiful area, and I have spent many days traveling around this region of Wisconsin just exploring the back roads and finding many clear lakes for diving. If you are a long-time certified diver, I hope we will be able to help you relive and maybe share some past diving experiences with us. If you are a newly certified diver, I hope that you will become part of the growing family of divers in this area.

As you move through the website note that we focus most of our training, equipment considerations, and experience around this region of Wisconsin. Yes, we do a lot of “cold water” diving in this area. Of course, we do pack up the gear bags and head to some warm sandy beaches for a vacation and a break once in a while. Our home area for diving starts here in the Chippewa Falls area and goes all the way north to the shores of Lake Superior. There are many clear water lakes in this area that hold secrets, history, and mystery for the fresh water diver to enjoy and explore. Of course, not all the lakes of this region are what I would rate as perfect for diving, and only a few come close to the Caribbean idea that most people envision after reading dive magazines and watching some of the TV programs. But we do dive a lot in this area and enjoy every bubble that we make.

Our equipment lines center on the needs of the local diving area, although we do offer equipment for the vacation divers who wish to have their own gear when they travel to a vacation paradise. From dry suits to tropical skins, we have you covered. We offer basic equipment packages as well as starter packages. For those people who wish to have more choice in the equipment with which they dive, we will help with a more personalized equipment package at a price range that will fit your budget. With trained technicians and factory parts, we service what we sell to keep you diving for a long time. For the diver who only makes a few dives or is just starting into the sport, we offer a rental program for your diving needs. Whatever your diving equipment needs are, we offer an answer.

When the calendar rolls around to colored leaves and white background, generally from November through April, you may not find us around here. We pack up the van and head for warmer areas such as the Florida Keys or other parts of the Gulf. Here we can dive with manatees or explore some caverns, and, of course, there are always the reefs and wrecks of the keys to keep you going. This does help to keep cabin fever in remission until you can get back into the local waters again.

Well, I hope you're ready for what we at Inland Diver's Supply have to offer you. Thank you for visiting our web site and we hope to hear from you soon.

Russ Younger
Owner/Master Instructor
Inland Diver's Supply LLC